Malapu** Motorhomes:

From the south with love

Who are we?

We are Meri (from Barcelona), Dani (half form Málaga and half from Granada) and Juank (born and raised in Málaga), nice to meet you!

But… what does Malapu** mean?

First of all… MalaPu** Motorhomes?! But is it Malapu or Malapu**? And… Is Malapu** coming from Malaputa?

Exactly! Our name “Malapu** Motorhomes” comes from… Mala Puta! But NO, it is not because of the offensive name, but because of the name of a magical cave in the famous sacred mountain of Uluru, in the heart of Australia.

The trip that inspired us

Australia was our first destination in a ” liveable vehicle ” and so, when we started our business, we decided to call ourselves Malapu**, as a small tribute.

We could have called ourselves “Anangu Motorhomes” -the Aboriginal people who inhabited there- or “Tjkurrpa Motorhomes” -which is their ancestral law-, but it’s not the same.

Since then, we have not stopped discovering the world together. That’s why, in August 2020, we thought it was a great idea to somehow make this part of our everyday life.

The Malapu** Team/Family

To make this adventure possible, Juank joined the team. He has spent a lifetime in the motorhomes of the sea (boats!) and since he tried sailing on four wheels, it is much easier to find him looking for the best views from a van than among the waves.

And this is the little big family behind Malapu** Motorhomes (well, it is us and our inseparable dog Tama -from Tamarama, also an Australian name, it seems to have left its mark on us).

And we thought: ok, being realistic, we can’t travel all the time, but at least our day-to-day life will be filled with our customers’ excitement about their travels with Malapu**.

The experience

With the whole pandemic thing and the difficulty to travel as before, what we are involved in makes even more sense. Travelling by motorhome allows you to travel your own way, personalise the experience, live adventures, and have fun with your loved ones.

Our aim is to make the experience unique. We take care of our clients as if they were part of the Malapu** family and every detail counts for us.

May the desire to travel never disappear and may we see it!

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